IT Installation & Maintenance Services

   Electronic Point of Sales (EPOS) Systems
   PC's and Peripherals
    Networking equipment
Weighing-scales servicing & calibration
   Secure CCTV protected parts storage

   PCI Security Standards Council Compliant

 Mitigating Economic Stressors:
  Rapid response times to faults
  Minimise Downtime & Accelerate Recovery
  Maintain Sales & Operational Activity
  Strong Business Continuity Management Plan

 Use our versatile Technical Engineers for:
  Live feedback during 'Smart-Hands' tasks
Local working knowledge for project optimisation
  Additional training to H&S food hygiene standards
  Reduction in travel & labour expenses

    Added environmental sustainability:
  Lower CO
2 emissions by using local engineers
  Our recycling management reduces waste

  "With the increasing risk of an economic slowdown in the near future, it is highly important to optimise expenditure whilst maintaining the ability to offer robust and reliable services, your business may even be looking to transition from CAPEX to capital preservation.  Costs associated with avoidable excess travel are not just the increasing fuel and energy prices but also in vehicle maintenance and unproductive labour time which leads to unviable service provision.  The use of localized technical Engineers can unlock your potential to maintain and even increase service provision with timely results in a cost-efficient manner." June 2022.

  Orkney Islands & 
North Highlands Region



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